About MCSL

Major Constructors of Sri Lanka (MCSL) is an association formed by the leading construction companies of Sri Lanka.

Major Players felt the need of having an exclusive association for themselves as vision, mission, goals and objectives are very different from the small and medium sector construction companies. Founding member companies are the construction giants who do more than 80% of the construction work done by local companies and also almost half of mega projects done by overseas constructors as partners or subcontractors.

Major Constructors of Sri Lanka employs thousands of professionals, skilled and unskilled workers. Their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is very significant. These are the local companies who compete with overseas companies in International Competitive Bidding (ICB) and Local Competitive Bidding (LCB) in Construction Tenders. They also do a lot of design and build projects. Most of them undertake construction works outside Sri Lanka. Thereby, a lot of foreign exchange is earned.

Major Constructors are multi-disciplinary construction giants who do highways, main roads, bridges, water supply and sewerage, irrigation, mega buildings, civil works in airports, ports, railways, telecommunication and power, etc. These companies get involved in regeneration of Colombo and other townships. They have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that their skills and co-competencies are equivalent or superior to that of overseas constructors.

We are experiencing positive outcomes of the peace that we achieved in the year 2009. Since, there is a construction boom and last year growth rate for this sector went up to an unprecedented 21.5 %. Major Constructors of Sri Lanka right now do works worth of approximately US$ 1 billion.

They take a lot of positive steps to add value to the construction industry of Sri Lanka in close liaison with relevant Ministries and Statutory Bodies of the Government of Sri Lanka, International Donor Agencies, Professional Organisations that are directly and indirectly involved with the construction industry and the Academia. Under their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) they have contributed a lot for the society to enhance the quality of life of the citizenry of Sri Lanka.